February 22, 2017

Magrikie's Joyful Illustrations & Scripture Art

Magrikie's art really caught my eye.
Her cheery illustrations and patterns are terrific! 
An Afrikaans, South African, Magrikie has a lighthearted interpretation
of fish, flowers, feathers, fruit and flamingos!
I love her use of watercolors and her lovely Scripture art!
Enjoy every minute of Magrikie!

Find Magrikie here:

Images used with direct permission from Magrikie Berg.

February 19, 2017

Presidents Day: Philadelphia's Washington Monument

In Philly, The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a recognizable building. 
Some know it as the place where Rocky Balboa famously ran up the steps. 
Many of us use it as a landmark to get our bearings around the city. 

Some may recall that directly in front of the Art Museum is a huge fountain;
what most don’t know is that the name of that fountain is the Washington Monument.
“She must be mistaken,” you’re thinking, “That’s the obelisk in Washington, D.C.”
You’d be correct, but in fact, Philadelphia, along with D.C., 
can boast of its own monument to honor our nation’s first president.

Designed by Rudolf Siemering, the majestic fountain was dedicated in 1897. 
The bronze and granite sculpture features General Washington astride his horse. 
An impression of Washington’s face was made and used to replicate his likeness.

The 44' high, 3-tiered monument depicts the man, his times, & his country.
The middle section represents Washington's place in US history:
the period leading up to the Revolutionary War, the victory, and the aftermath.
Two females allegorically represent America.
One is the rallying cry of battle, and the other, 
Liberty as she crushes the chains of oppression from Britain.

Additional sculpted plaques and emblems also depict the time period.

The base of the monument represents Washington's country.
There are four fountains, including statues of Native Americans, representing 
great rivers of the colonial US: the Delaware, Hudson, Potomac, and Mississippi.
(I was disappointed that the fountains were not filled and working at the time.)

Impressive, detailed sculptures of animals native to the US 
are on the sides of each fountain: buffalo, elk, moose, a bear and a bull.

I encourage you to stop by the Washington Monument and see it for yourself.
As is often the case, photos don't do it justice.
A great monument to a great man and US president,
located in the City of Brotherly Love.

February 17, 2017

The Dream Image Collages of Kanchan Mahon

Kanchan Mahon creates intriguing collages of women with a 
dreamy quality that flaunts romance and femininity.
She often adds symbolic natural elements:
butterflies show a longing for change,
birds represent a dream of flight,
and blooms express the flowering of self.
My favorites are those with a soft, neoclassical aura,
like the ones I've selected to share with you here.

Above: Celestial


Wear You Rue with a Difference




In the Garden of Creation


Stone Angel



Here's Kanchan's website.

Images used with direct permission from Kanchan Mahon.

February 15, 2017

A Fabulous Lunch at St. Augustine, Florida's Ice Plant

If you travel to St. Augustine, Florida and want to try something 
different at mealtime, head to the Ice Plant at 110 Riberia Street. 
Trust me when I tell you that it's a must on your to-do list!
This farm to table restaurant serves local seafood and grass-fed beef that's superb. 
In addition, the atmosphere and ambiance knock the ball way outta the park!
Like me, you're most likely tired of the same-old, same-old eatery.
This place provides a unique experience you'll long remember.

Upon walking through the doors, we were swept back to another era.
Carefully curated decor and accessories gave a vintage, industrial vibe.

The architecture is exceptional with soaring ceilings!

The restaurant's name, of course, is from the building's original use as an ice plant.
 It was built in1927 with a railway running right up to it
 to provide ice for the boats of the local shrimping industry.
Renovations hold tight to its period of origin, actually lending it
a feel of the Prohibition era, which took place from 1920 to 1933.

Gazing overhead, we saw the original bridge crane
 that was used to pick up the enormous blocks of ice.

Two bars, back-to-back, serve house-made syrups and hand-squeezed juices
in their interesting selection of artisan cocktails.

Potato Leek Soup for starters.

Grilled Ricotta Cheese On Sourdough with
Roasted Pear, Fig Jam, Hazelnuts, Arugula

St. Augustine Shrimp & Anson Mills Grits

Here are the Ice Plant website
and Facebook page

With thanks to Roger for his recommendation! 

Little Sis & Me.